Why is an online marketplace the best way to find a healthcare job?


We launched GulfSpecialists.com, to fulfill the mission of creating a single FREE online platform that would serve health employers and professionals seeking new positions in the Gulf countries, and effectively and directly connecting demand and supply. As many would argue, there are plenty of agencies and job boards for this already, so why was there a need to create this website? Well, actually we think that using an online marketplace is better than using traditional channels to find a job, and here's why:


1) SEARCHES CAN HAPPEN IN TWO WAYS – While agencies and job boards only work in one direction each, on a marketplace website the interface is structurally created to make searches happen in both ways. Both candidates AND employers can search for what they are looking for (jobs or professionals) with the same ease and equal amount of detail. That greatly increases the chances of making a matching encounter.


2) IT REDUCES COSTS AND BARRIERS TO ENTRY - Many agencies will charge high fees upfront and most would charge fees in case of successful hire to the employer. That's because they have high structural costs, as they have to pay recruiters to perform the searches. It is not uncommon for an agency to charge up to 15% or even 20% of the posts' yearly salary to the employer for a successful hire. Job boards also require posting fees to advertise jobs. This often limits smaller employers who are budget-constrained to use agencies. A marketplace does not request any fee to post job advertisements, nor is there any limit in number of jobs that can be advertised. More jobs and employers mean more opportunities for candidates!


3) IT IS DIRECT - Agencies act as intermediaries between demand and offer. The main value they provide is to make demand and offer meet, however they are adding a step in the interaction between employer and candidate. Our marketplace allows access exclusively to professionals seeking jobs, and to employers offering them. No agencies! This makes the job match direct, with no intermediaries between the employer and candidate.


4) IT'S MUCH FASTER - if you are dealing with an agency, the employer will have to describe its needs, set-up and sign a contract, interact with the recruiter,list the requirements. Then there will be the search time, which may be weeks. Our online platform does not require administrative paperwork to be filled beforehand, anyone can register in 5 minutes. Instead of going into lengthy descriptions one can enter the candidates' desired characteristics in a number of very detailed drop downs and get immediate output.


These are the main reasons why we created GulfSpecialists.com, and we think this innovative online recruitment marketplace will change the way employers and candidates find each other in the Gulf. Employers and candidates can register free and start connecting on https://gulfspecialists.com