How Direct Recruitment is Helping Candidates Find Healthcare Jobs Faster.


When we launched a few months ago we weren't sure it would work out. We noticed the lack of a dedicated online portal for medical and healthcare jobs in the Gulf countries, however we knew that there were so many general online job boards with medical and health sections, and that whatever hires were not happening through online encounters were facilitated by the many recruitment agencies available. In other words, it was very clear that it would be tough for us to find our space in this crowded environment.


We understood that the success of our newborn project was completely dependent on user adoption, and therefore on finding one or more feature that would truly make us stand out and be loved by our users. So we "borrowed" our initial ideas from dating websites and apps: we implemented a privacy-protected system where only if there is a mutual interest the personal data is disclosed, and then we created a number of very detailed drop-down filters so that our candidates and employers could cut through the unsuitable offers lightning-fast. These ideas were all very good , but still we felt something was missing.


Then one day it struck us that the most annoying part of finding a job or finding the right applicant is not being able to speak to the actual person you want to speak to. Hiring intermediaries are the single most frustrating part of the interaction between candidate and employer. So we decided to make a bold move and ONLY allow on our website job seekers and the final employers. This would basically take out of the picture those who were most likely going to be our main users - the recruitment agencies - which rely heavily on internet portals to source candidates. It was bold because it risked dooming our website to be an empty box with no job offers.

But our bravery was rewarded by healthcare employers and job-seekers.

As it turned out, both employers and candidates were really frustrated by the partial information they were receiving by the intermediaries, and by the difficulties or gaps in communicating with the relevant person. They both LOVED the fact that EVERY communication on our website happens only between the actual seeker and the organization offering the job, making the process smoother, faster, cheaper and completely confidential.

Employer retention became a lot easier, and job seekers started flocking to our website. Not to mention, our task became a lot easier because all we had to do was check that only the right profiles registered and no agencies got in.

Now, approximately six months down the line, over 70 healthcare institutions are using for sourcing relevant healthcare talent. We have thousands of subscribed healthcare specialists, doctors, nurses, and clinical support candidates that are growing at the rate of 5% per week, and countless candidates have found jobs already (thanks to