We at are usually exposed to people looking for healthcare jobs, who have become frustrated with the job-search process and the lack of results. Most people search both online and offline, also engaging in time-consuming visits to recruiters and expensive interactions with agencies. For the benefit of all people looking for jobs ONLINE, here are some clear and actionable pieces of advice to find your next health job.


  1. Look for a job when you are not looking for a job. This is not really useful if you are already in the situation in which you want to change jobs and are looking for a new opportunity, but it is worth saying that the best career improvement opportunities come while you are already in a satisfying job. You should ALWAYS be considering new jobs, and have a number of triggers setup to inform you when your next dream job opportunity comes up. Finding a better career option in healthcare/medical industry can take up to several months, you do not want this to happen when you are in need of a job and would have to settle for worse options, but rather look while you DON'T need it, to afford the luxury of choosing what you really like and to better engage in assessment of your potential next employer.


  1. Choose quality over quantity. Most job boards where people post jobs are not specifically focused on the healthcare industry. General job boards hosting ALSO healthcare jobs are unspecific of clear requirements of skills, experience and licenses. In most cases, postings are not updated, recruiters disengage from them because of the low specificity of candidates, and the posts are often duplicates from different agencies all trying to fill the same position. You should create profiles on websites which fulfill ALL the right criteria: the website should be dedicated to healthcare, with recent job posts and NO AGENCIES. is the only FREE recruitment marketplace that is only dedicated to healthcare/medical/specialty focused clinical roles, requires all postings to be no older than three months, and does not allow agencies to post at all.
  2. Let the job look for you. Setting up triggers is probably the most important element of all. Chances are that your desired job might not be immediately available when you start looking. Much like fishing, finding your next job might be a waiting game. If you spend every day browsing websites looking for a job you will be exhausted very soon. So spend your time wisely and set-up ALERTS. An alert is an automated email notification that informs you when the job you want is advertised, so you don't have to spend your days checking for new jobs. The platform supports very detailed alert systems in which you can choose to be informed for any job specification you want. You can setup alerts for a combination of parameters like career area, specialty, location, pay banding, keywords, and many more.
  3. Take the time to fill out your profile well. Chances are that if you choose a website that just allows you to upload your CV instead of filling out your professional details on an online form, you will probably find a recruiter who is just as lazy, and will not go through the trouble of reading your CV. Healthcare/medical online job search is all about filtering (because of usually uncompromisable specificity of the requirements) Filling out your online profile properly (like you would do on professional networks to attract valuable connections) is the key to be viewed by corporate/in-house recruiters of healthcare employers, who will search selective parameters to narrow-down their searches to just the right candidates. Remember, corporate recruiters usually support in additional internal HR responsibilities and are usually under high pressure to find right candidates within stipulated deadlines. At times, in-house recruiters are evaluated equally on both speed and quality of hires offer a very detailed online profile system, so that candidates matching requirements perfectly may be screened, saving everyone's time. is the FREE healthcare recruitment marketplace in the Gulf. Top hospitals are posting jobs on the platform. Sign up as a candidate to connect directly with employers regarding your next job opportunity.