GulfSpecialists was founded by healthcare professionals like you. As candidates, we found recruitment agencies, intermediaries and the average job boards frustrating. It was impossible to know before applying who was offering the job, what was the salary level, and we were usually speaking to an agency instead of the employer.

This is why we created GulfSpecialists.com, a recruitment platform which is confidential, direct, easy to use and provides you upfront all the essential information about the job and employer. We aim to get all the best health professionals and the best jobs on this platform, improving your health recruitment experience and pushing out all intermediaries. 


  • FREE FOREVER - We are never going to charge you any money
  • YOUR JOB, YOUR CHOICE - You choose what jobs to apply for, and only receive offers for jobs matching your preferences
  • TRANSPARENT - You know from the start who is offering the job, what is the location and the pay range
  • CONFIDENTIAL - Employers only see your name and contact details IF you decide to connect with them
  • AGENCIES, NO THANKS! You only interact with the employers, no agencies or intermediaries allowed!


  • Be Lazy  BE LAZY - set your preferences and wait for your preferred jobs to come knock on your door
  • Be Active  BE ACTIVE - browse jobs, choose the ones you like and volunteer to interview
  • Be Hired  BE Hired - get the job you wanted, without the hassle




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